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Hello everyone. My name is Jakub Sodomka.
I am from the capital city of the Czech Republic, which is said to be the heart of Europe. But for me it is a city full of inspiration and cultural heritage.

When I was putting this text together, I was thinking how to highlight my skill.
But then I realized that everyone can find this on my linkedin account and see my work.
I would like to describe in four points how I approach my work and what is important for me.

"Most importantly it’s clear aim. "

" Don’t forget about emotions. Many designers are making design without any emotions. But we all know that emotions sell. That’s why this point is so important. And I never forget about it. "

" Good feedback. Giving people feedback like: „I don’t like this or that“ is not appropriate and it doesn’t help the situation at all. It is very important to give feedback so that the other side knows what was done wrong, how to fix it and maybe help with a couple of well aimed suggestions. "


I’m a creative person, and that’s why my work doesn’t just start and finish with just design
and marketing in general. I’m also interested in taking pictures, music and travelling.

Another interesting info:

I support Creative Mornings Project which takes place every month in Prague.

For the third time now I cooperate with Striker Digital agency on Behance Portfolio Review by Behance Network. I’m one of the Team Leaders.

In 2011 I won bronze medal on the International Festival of Creativity, in the Young Lions competition

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Barcelona (Spain)

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Prague (Czech Rep.)

Podolí, Prague 4